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How To Use EM

Home Garden

Apply EM regularly to all vegetables and flowers, for great results applications can be repeated as often as weekly

A watering can is a great way to apply EM using a dilution with water of 1:1000 and giving a thorough drenching of the plants and soil

Foliar applications will boost plant growth and protect against diseases. Use EM at 1:100 dilution in a sprayer

Add EM to compost at 3 litre per cubic metre, or spray regularly at dilution of 1:100 over the compost to reduce flies and improve the compost.

When you weed or hoe your garden, leave the weeds on the soil surface and spray them with EM at 1:100 dilutions. This encourages breakdown and insitu composting.

Apply EM to any areas with odour problems. E.g. Pet housing, compost bins, septic tanks. Great for eliminating those bad smells.

Add EM 1:100 to your foliar fertilizers to give increased uptake and utilization and improved effect, and reduce the rate of fertilizer applied by 50%.

Do you make a weed tea or fertilizer tea? Add EM to this at 5% and molasses and make a pleasant smelling fermented microbial tea with greater activity!

To increase the storage potential of your crops after harvest, spray your crop with 1:1000 dilution EM to water with a light misting before storing.

Household Cleaning

EM is a great cleaner, it has an enzymic action which consumes dirt

EM needs to be used over time to maximize effect, EM populates the surface with “friendly” microbes

In a household sprayer you add EM.1 or EM-A to water at dilutions between 1:50 and 1:1000 depending on the task.

See table below for applications, for more details contact Bokashi NZ Ltd

Note 1:100 means 1 part EM to 100 parts water

USE Dilution Notes
Showers/ Bath 1:100 Spray as required
Kitchen surfaces 1:100 Spray as required
Toilet 1:50 Spray as required
Floors 1:100 Spray as required
Shoes (inside) 1:50 Weekly spray
Washing 20-50ml Undiluted Add with Detergent
Pet Bedding 1:100 Spray weekly
Carpets 1:500 Spray Lightly
Extractor Fans 1:100 Spray whilst operating
Expel air 1:100 Spray whilst operating
De–humidifiers 2-5ml EM Apply to Bowl
Oven 1:50 Spray 2 times 24 hrs apart
To reduce odours in the house 1:1000 Light spray as required
Cleaning Glass 1:500 Spray as required


There are many uses for EM around the home, these are a few. I am sure you will find other uses as you become familiar with this unique product.

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