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Bokashi buckets come in many different colours, shapes and styles depending on country of origin.   Yet there are 11 essential reasons why New Zealand-made ZingBokashi buckets are best for New Zealand homes and businesses…

  1. ZingBokashi Buckets - Buy NZ Made

    ZingBokashi Buckets - Buy NZ Made

    ZingBokashi’s buckets are manufactured from high quality plastic, which is guaranteed to not leak, crack or split for 36 months if used and stored as directed.  In fact, our very own Mr Bokashi, Neville Burt has used the same ZingBokashi bucket for 7 years!

  2. Buckets are made from a combination of virgin plastic and inhouse regrinds (virgin material which has been recycled from production line faults and test runs).  So we’re 100% confident that no chemicals or other contaminants are contained in the plastic which could leach into your food waste and affect the fermentation process.  As an ethical sustainable company, we would love our buckets to be made of recycled material.  Unfortunately evidence has shown that buckets made from recycled material can contain chemical residues which can leach into the food waste, which in turn, is then returned to the soil.   You can recycle the plastic at the end of its lifespan though – whenever that may be!
  3. The specially designed lid is easy to put on and take off, even by older people or those with arthritic hands.  Plus, it’s totally airtight, which is necessary for the fermentation process to work properly.
  4. ZingBokashi ‘s buckets come in two convenient household sizes; 10l for the one person household and 15l for larger families.   Plus, we have industrial sized wheelie-bins for business and commercial use.  There’s a ZingBokashi bucket for every situation!
  5. The simple square design makes the bucket easy to wash and dry.  There are no alcoves or moulded feet which can harbour decaying food scraps even after you’ve emptied the bin.  A dirty bucket can compromise the success of your next batch of Bokashi compost.
  6. The stylish design and compact size also means ZingBokashi’s buckets are easy to store on the kitchen bench or under your sink, and the neutral black colour blends in with any décor.
  7. 100% drainage of liquid guaranteed!  Some overseas models don’t allow you to completely drain the juice that’s created as a result of the fermentation process.  Undrained juice can affect the quality of your next batch of compost.
  8. No tap on the ZingBokashi’s NZ design means you won’t get any unwanted liquid leaking onto your kitchen bench or into your cupboards.  Taps can also allow air to leak IN which can disrupt the fermentation process, meaning you don’t get the results you want from your compost.  What’s more, taps have also been known to break on the overseas models.  You can purchase spare parts, but this is an added expense you don’t have with the kiwi-made version.
  9. The current ZingBokashi NZ bucket has undergone significant testing and improvements since it was first introduced in 1999.  Research with kiwi families, councils and businesses is ongoing and we’re constantly looking to make additional improvements based on customer feedback so do tell us what we could do better!
  10. The brains behind ZingBokashi  is right here in New Zealand.  Cantabrian Neville Burt took an international product and improved upon it for New Zealand use.  Now, he’s considered to be an expert in his field, with his opinion sought around the world.
  11. Best of all, ZingBokashi buckets are manufactured in Christchurch New Zealand.  Buy New Zealand made and not only can you rely on the quality associated with kiwi-made products, you’re also helping to create jobs and promote growth in the New Zealand economy.  Look out for specially marked buckets.

So there you have it!  If you’re ready to recycle your kitchen and garden waste, make sure you choose ZingBokashi from Bokashi New Zealand – simply the best for kiwi families and businesses.