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EarthZing 2.5kg BagZingBokashi is pleased to advise that we have available for release, a new product. This product has undergone extensive field trials and has produced excellent results when added to

  • potting media incorporated at 5% by volume -resulted in a higher value fertiliser effect.
  • glasshouse soils – helps reduce soil borne diseases.
  • garden soils – speeds up the breakdown of crop residues and green crops when       turned back   into the soil.
  • soil as a side  dressing – assists in the release of nutrients and  increases soil biomass

Research has also shown that fertiliser usage can be reduced over time when EarthZing is used on a regular basis. EarthZing is all natural and contains beneficial microorganisms, fishmeal, seaweed meal humates and basalt rock flour incorporated into plant based byproducts. EarthZing is a ‘living’ product and provides nutrients and stimulatory compounds to growing plants resulting in

  • Increased shelf life
  • Intense colour
  • Increased flowering
  • Increased water holding capacity of soils.

The product is packaged in convenient 2.5kg bags and this will cover an area up to 60m2. Note:  EarthZing should be stored out of direct sunlight in a cool place. ***  Order now for Spring garden preparation