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Mainphos Guano

ZingBokashi has now available a natural soft phosphate called Mainphos Guano for usage in the garden. Sourced and mined from caves in Indonesia, this product is certified organic by BioGro [no 5135]. It contains numerous nutrients essential for plant life and without the toxicity of other man made superphosphate fertilisers.


  • Can be used effectively at planting as it contains sufficient soluble phosphate to produce an initial kick start.
  • Has no nitrogen and a high phosphate content to focus plant energy on production of flowers, fruit and vegetables
  • Phosphate is one of the 13 essential elements for plant growth and development and makes its contribution through a favourable effect to many plant functions such as root development, flowering and fruiting.

Mainphos guano contains 9% phosphate in both a soluble and slow release form plus 21.96 % calcium, therefore it has little effect on soil acidity.


  • For best results apply to garden soils at 40gms [approx ½ handful] and lightly rake into soil the surface.
  • Or when transplant seedling simply add a teaspoon into the bottom of transplant holes before adding transplants. Water lightly afterwards.

This product is packaged in convenient 3 kg bags and will give coverage of up to an area of 75m2 .


  • Keep dry

Ideal for root crops such as potatoes