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What to do with food waste?

This is a question often asked.

  • Placing your food waste directly into the soil is by far the easiest and simplest way to dispose of any material that has been fermented using the ZingBokashi method.
  • Planning ahead helps, especially if you want to get the maximum benefit from the food waste. You can do this by preparing a trench in your garden in an area where you will plant in a few weeks time.

The pictures show how this is done. The area shown is intended for sweet corn and the trench has been prepared ready for the disposal of my kitchen food waste over the next few weeks in readiness for planting out of seedlings in early November.

(Remember to allow at least 7 days after trenching in your waste before planting).

Prepared trench

Prepared trench

Food Waste

Food waste added and spread out prior to covering.

Soil Cover

Soil added to cover the food waste – 100mm



[click photos to enlarge.]

Further pictures will be added following planting to show growth progress.