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Recently I was invited to present a talk to a group called Woman in Farming about the role of ZingBokashi in waste management down on the farm.

A common issue was unpleasant odours from their waste water or septic tank systems Much of these are as a result of use of antibiotics and domestic chemicals –in particular some laundry products.

Compost Zing is proven as a useful tool in controlling odours in septic systems and often is combined with EMA or activated EM. This combo can be used in old-style septic tanks as well as in the modern chambered types.

Regular usage results in the following benefits.

  • Significant reduction in unpleasant odours from both open and closed systems.
  • Improved operating efficiency
  • Reduced surface crusting
  • Reduced sludge accumulation
  • All natural
  • The combination of all these factors will assist or help in improving the overall operating efficiency of all septic and waste water systems.
  • An added bonus is having the cleaning period extended

Often when systems are overloaded smells will also appear when there has been none for some time.

This often occurs when family members or visitors arrive and septics systems can easily become ‘out of balance ‘ during this time.

Regular usage of either Compost Zing and or combined with EMA will improve the function of your septic systems.