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Composta in garden corner

Composta in garden corner

There will be times when your garden area is in full production and space to bury your fermented waste is limited or non-existent.

A simple proven method when this looks likely is to ‘store’ your waste in a ‘Composta’

Start by locating the Composta in an area close to or in the garden.

This will make for easy dispersal of the resulting compost material when ready for use.

Start by:

  1. Adding a layer of fermented waste into the base of the Composta
  2. Add a layer of dry ‘browns over the top
  3. Mix the food waste layer with the brown layer below [a fork is ideal for this]
  4. Add a further layer of ‘browns over the top and leave ready for the next lot of food waste.
  5. Repeat this process till the Composta is full.
  6. Ensure the lid of the Composta is secure between additions of material


Brown material can be either of sawdust/ spent potting media/mulchings /bark or soil.

It is important that these material be DRY when added and it is advisable to keep a stock on hand.

When your Composta is full or you are ready to use the material – lift the composta off and you will have a neat pile of great compost ready for the garden.