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Q.  “On occasions the juice extracted from the bottom of my bucket has a strong odour. What do you suggest to prevent this happening?”

A.  Any juice accumulating in the bucket needs to be removed on a regular basis. It is recommended that any juice be removed every 2-3 days, even if only a small amount.

If the juice is left for longer periods the result can be strong odour and the material should be disposed of via a waste drain or toilet. Wash out your bucket with fresh clean water and if any odour persists wash with a little white vinegar. Also check your fermenting waste and if this also has a strong odour or has green/blue mould on it this should be disposed off and you will need to start the process again.

Good ‘juice’ should generally be a golden colour with a slight fruity /vinegary odour and will often have a white fungal matter growing on it-a good sign that the fermenting process is going well.

Ensure that you added CompostZing to each layer added and that your bucket is stored in a warm place and out of direct sunlight .The fermentation process can be improved by pressing down each food waste layer added to expel any trapped air.