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The juice extract, which results from the fermentation process and collects in the base bucket is a versatile product and has a number of uses. A lessor known use is that it can be useful for the prevention of some plant diseases.

The juice can be sprayed on plant leaf surfaces to form what is known as a biofilm and will act shield to prevent the infection of plant leaves with some diseases.

The juice should be applied on a regular basis (at least weekly) in order to maintain an active leaf coverage. Spray solutions should be made up of one part juice to one part water and sprayed onto leaf surfaces. Wet till run off and ensure good coverage of all leaf surfaces, both top and undersides.

The best time to do this is just prior to expectation of disease occurring and this will vary from place to place and also be relative to weather conditions.

NOTE: ‘Juice’ should normally be a light golden colour and have a slight fruity odour. Do not use of plant foliage if dark in colour or it has a strong odour.

Good quality ‘Juice‘ being collected

Good quality ‘Juice‘ being collected