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Last week I attended a council meeting to speak about the use of CompostZing for large scale food waste processing

When I mentioned about utilising greenwaste as a suitable material for mixing with food waste I was questioned ‘What is Green Waste’

This was an excellent question as this can be confusing as greenwaste, in reality is high in carbon and these materials in composting terms are called ‘browns’.

Materials high in nitrogen are referred to as ‘greens’ and one can easily become confused with these terms.

Examples of ‘Greens’ (Nitrogen containing) are lawn clippings / food waste/ coffee grounds/ animal manures/seaweed / fur and hair / feathers and green leaves.

The ‘Browns’ (Carbon rich) are dry leaves, green weeds/sawdust/bark/newspaper / tree branches and plant foliage.

Generally greens and browns are mixed together to make compost.