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Children from Hong Kong in the Bokashi 140l Bin Trial

Children from Hong Kong in the Bokashi 140litre Bin Trial

Hong Kong produces in excess of 3000 tonnes of waste per day of which 36% is food waste.

Primary schools are wasting around 10 tonnes per day and a pilot scheme has been implemented by Greeners Action, in conjunction with Good Council Catholic Primary School to encourage children to value food and reduce and reduce food waste from their school lunches.

Children have been using bokashi to process their food waste and have been trialling 140 litre bins as part of a pilot scheme. Children are learning hands on composting and are using the material in their school gardens.

To date feedback has been excellent and other schools are showing interest.

The bins and CompostZing food waste inoculant are supplied from New Zealand by ZingBokashi.

There was a local Hong Kong TV news feature about the Bokashi Food Waste Recycling System (140L) and this was broadcasted on 5th April. You can have a look from the following link:  Hong Kong TV News Feature