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Preparation for spring and the new gardening season will most likely, or soon will occupy your mind.

To get the best from your garden we recommend that you follow this simple process.

Start by making a plan or sketch of your garden plot and mark out areas where you might best plant out your early crops.

Next, physically mark out the area in the garden itself so that you can maximise space. Take into account the width each particular crop will take e.g. a cabbage will need more space than carrots.

Dig trenches along the planting lines and gradually fill these with your ZingBokashi fermented waste and you will soon have a small area ready to plant over once the weather and temperature allows. Continue this process across your garden as space allows.

If you haven’t already done so, a dressing of compost together with an application of lime [preferably fine lime] will greatly assist the build up of soil organic matter.

10 day fungi growth

10 day fungi growth

The image above is 10 days following the application of fermented food waste into the soil and shows beneficial fungi growing on the soil surface – a good sign.

Also recommended particularly for root crops is a dressing of a quality phosphate product such as Guano. This is recommended plant root development and phosphate greatly enhances root crops.

Once up and established all crops will benefit from 1-2 side dressings of the soil microbial inoculant EarthZing and regular spraying of the juice extract from your ZingBokashi system [dilute 1part juice to 500 part water and spray 7-10 daily for best results].

Oh, and do not forget to buy one of the handheld leaf blowers here, you will need it.
Good gardening and lets get back to Earth.