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The art of Bokashi with Ben Elms

Ben Elms provides a Bokashi how-to guide in the latest issue of the Weekend Gardener. Below is a small excerpt from the article.

EVERY day we produce waste as human beings. This isn’t a new  phenomenon, just a little amplified with mass consumption and population growth. As gardeners, we are constantly looking to improve our soils.

We do this with a myriad of options, from making compost, green manures and having worm farms. We might buy in compost from time to time, along with other products such as blood and bone, sheep pellets, other fertilisers or some manure from a local roadside stall.

Originating in Japan, Bokashi buckets are sold and used all over the world. In New Zealand, we have Neville Burt, of ZingBokashi NZ Ltd, to thank for developing this low-cost home composting solution.

If you haven’t already bought the latest issue of the Weekend Gardener, then  click here to read the full bokashi article.