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Agropolis Farm

Agropolis Farm

Agropolis is a scalable transitional urban farm within Christchurch’s inner city, launched in 2013 during the Festival of Transitional Architecture.

Agropolis is a collaborative community project driven by a steering committee whose members include representatives from the Soil & Health Canterbury, Festival of Transitional Architecture, Garden City 2.0, A Local Food Project, AECOM, an urban designer teacher at the School of Landscape Architecture at Lincoln University (Andreas Wesener) and many more local residents, businesses and foodie travellers!

It involves composting organic waste from inner city hospitality businesses as well as the ground preparation, sowing and planting, harvesting, cooking and distribution of the produce.

Eventually Agropolis hopes to provide a ‘garden to plate’ experience via a mobile kitchen. It also tests questions about the city’s food resilience, land use and food production and distribution in relation to the planning of the city.

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or visit the Agropolis website here