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Not flushing your water down the toilet suddenly makes a lot of sense both economically and environmentally. With bulk water costs and sewerage connection predicted to increase – If you’re not off grid already it may be time to make the change.

Not long ago sustainable products were seen as a luxury item. Now with the cost of utilities going up and the initial outlay for sustainable products coming down, the question facing families is not whether they can afford to be sustainable but whether they can afford not to be.

Waterless toilets are also known as composting toilets and have always been well regarded for their sustainable credentials. A system from one of the leading composting toilet suppliers in Australasia- ECOFLO Water Management – reduces the average household’s water consumption by around 35,000 litres per year. You can choose from a 100% waterless pedestal or a 500ml microflush if you just can’t give up the flush


The common alternative to a waterless composting toilets is a septic system. However, at around $10,000 incl GST, your cheapest septic system (installed) is often more expensive than NZ Australian Standard certified waterless composting toilet and grey water system. As a septic system uses a flushing toilet and mixes black water and grey water you don’t get the water or cost saving benefits of a stand alone composting toilet and grey water system.

Whether remodelling or building a new home/extension, choose a waterless toilet and start saving for the future.