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compost-zing-bag1What is Compost Zing?

Compost Zing is a beneficial microbial inoculant used for the treatment of food waste. The microbes in Compost Zing process the food waste by a process of fermentation, which in turn essentially pre-digest the food waste and fosters rapid decomposition, when the treated food waste is added to the soil or a compost situation.

Benefits of Compost Zing (Bokashi Mix)


  • adds organic matter to the soil
  • increases bio-diversity of soil microflora
  • improves soil structure, which in turn contributes to a greater water holding capacity of the soil plus better development of plant root systems.


Interaction with the soil-plant system by the soil microflora

  • helps suppress plant disease causing organisms
  • solubilises minerals for plant uptake
  • conserves soil energy
  • maintains the microbial and ecological balance of the soil
  • increases photo- synthetic efficiency
  • fixes biological nitrogen


All the above contribute to creating an environment that is more favourable for the growth and health of plants, ultimately leading to the formation of disease suppressive soils, with increased crop yields plus a reduced need for artificial fertilisers and pesticides.