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Garlic Bulbs

The longest day is upon us again  and this is the traditional day in which to lift your garlic.

‘Plant on the shortest day and harvest on the longest day.’

This year I planted 2 lots of garlic cloves into 2 separate areas of the garden, with the objective of seeing if there was any difference in growth performance with CompostZing treated kitchen food waste.

In area one the cloves were planted out with plant food being compost which was made in a Composta with bokashi fermented food waste.

In area two, a couple of trenches were dug, fermented food waste added and then covered over with soil and the cloves planted a few weeks after.

The picture shows the garlic bulbs a few weeks ago and the video clip gives you a good comparative of the two areas growth.

The bulbs harvested on the 20th Dec from the area where the  fermented kitchen food waste was trenched into the soil gave a superior harvest in terms of size  of bulbs. The best will be dried and saved for entry into horticultural shows in the New Year.

Mr Bokashi