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Tiny House

Tiny House

Tiny House InteriorThis week after I had visited builders in Melbourne, I was invited to see a crew of Chicago interior designers who are specializing in the construction of Tiny Houses. The point of the visit was to ascertain the suitability of fitting the house with a Natureloo composting toilet.

The house as pictured is in its final stages of completion with just the addition of fittings and furniture to be done.

This house is clad in Canadian Cedar which is screwed and glued to a frame made of NZ Oregon. Internal lining is both cedar and pinus radiata T & G.

The house itself is mounted on a low, tandem wheeled trailer and is 7 metres in length and 2.5m wide. Height is 4.2 m.

I have been asked by many people about the suitability of a composting toilet in a Tiny House and now having seen one there is no doubt that a composting toilet is ideal. Furthermore depending on the final siting of the house users can have a choice of three different models – Natureloo Mini, Natureloo Excelet and the Classic 650. Visit us for more estate options.

The builder informed me that he is taking orders and if you are interested, contact me, and I will provide you with the lead.