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There has been a number of inquiries concerning the matter of the appearance of mould growing on top of the food waste added to your bucket. Should I be concerned about this?

Any mould growth should be white in colour and is a good indicator that the fermentation process is good. The presence of green or black coloured mould is however not so good and is an indicator that something has gone wrong and if often accompanied by a foul odour.

The latter can be eliminated by


  1. Adding your food waste daily
  2. Adding drained food stuffs
  3. Adding daily the correct amount of Compost Zing – if adding protein rich foods such as meat or dairy products simply double the amount added.
  4. Removing excess air from your bucket – to do this push the added food waste down to help expel any air trapped in food eg leafy veges
  5. Ensure your bucket lid is firmly in place between usage.
White mould growing on fermenting food waste

White mould growing on fermenting food waste