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Sometimes it is a lot easier to see how to do things by watching video – and less time consuming too!

Here at ZingBokashi we are endeavouring to create lots of helpful new videos as well as add other videos we think you will find interesting like the latest video online which you can also see below.

However, over time these videos move down the blog and can be harder to find when you want to check something again, so to make it easier we have now built a dedicated ‘Video Library‘ page that has all the videos in the one area. We hope this makes it easier for you. – View library

If you have a video of your ZingBokashi system in action, or perhaps using another of our products like EarthZing, EnsoPet, PoultryZing or the composting toilets we would be only too happy to see the video link and may showcase it here for others to see.

The video below was sent in by Ben Elms aka Dr Compost and he shows you how to use the Bokashi fermenting system to compost your food waste.