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aratikatrustThe Aratika Cancer Trust are a small trust established in Rotorua in 2011. We run lifestyle wellness workshops for people affected by cancer (also peritoneal mesothelioma type) and their families. Such as Mindfulness Meditation, Whole- food Nutrition, Organic gardening and 4 & 8 day cancer wellness retreats (learn more at Alongside that we have a support group who meet regularly and we offer a library of wellness/lifestyle/cook books/meditation/exercise books for borrowing.

Why are we encouraging the use of Bokashi?

Simply because we encourage people to eat fruit and vegetable without pesticides and sprays. So we like to show them how to create their own veggies gardens/composts/worm farms/share seeds/explore food forest ideas etc in their own backyard! Bokashi is such a great way to use up kitchen scraps and get an amazing garden growing. We love the fact that it’s small, doesn’t smell and helps the garden grow! Our Organic gardening workshop is based on the principles of Agroecology, creating living food systems, so….. putting back into the garden what we take out just seems right!

We are running 1 workshop per season at different locations in Rotorua, enabling us to explore different methods and gardens requirements as the seasons change. The feedback has been really positive, so we are looking forward to the next one on July 3rd.

More details are available on
Or contact Shelley 022 429 5063 or