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We’ve got a brand new bag for your CompostZing!

Last year I had reports that the CompostZing bags were breaking, so I began looking for a fix. After contacting our supplier, I found that they no longer made the bags to our special requirements! So, I dusted off my magnifying glass and deer stalker hat, to investigate an alternative.


Looking for expert advice, I engaged with a plastics specialist in Christchurch who came to our factory. I walked him through the journey of the CompostZing bags. He advised me on design and the type of plastic that would be perfect for your needs.

And to top it off we were able to find a local supplier – your new CompostZing bag is now 100% New Zealand made, just down the road in Christchurch. Our previous bags came all the way from China. So, we now have a much better product, made in NZ which makes great sense all round. It is much easier for us to communicate with them and we get to support our local community, our national economy and reduce our air miles.


Over the last 15 years of using our ziplock bags, several of you requested that we change to a bag with the recycle logo. Now was also the opportune moment to make this eco-friendly change as well.

You will see your CompostZing bag is now proudly sporting a New Zealand recycling logo with the number four. The number refers to the type of plastic we’ve used, a low density polypropylene. In New Zealand, we can recycle plastics ranging from 1-7.

New CompostZing Bag


The low-density plastic also makes this new bag stronger and less likely to break when in transit or you are using it. It is also specially designed to be sealed air tight, with a special hole in it that enables air to be sucked put. This causes the bag to become like a brick, making much easier to pick up, stack and freight.

Throughout its whole journey, from arriving at our factory for filling through to delivering to your local retailer or direct to your kitchen, this bag won’t be pulling apart in a hurry! It is now locally made, recyclable and all round easier to use.

With a local, strong and recyclable bag, your CompostZing is more environmentally friendly and sustainable than ever before.

A Tip from our Customers

We’ve been told that many of you place your bags in to a lidded plastic container for the best storage. Very clever!

Stock up on your CompostZing, today