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Riverton Harvest Festival

Our own Neville Burt was recently invited to the Riverton Heritage Festival as a guest speaker. Originally a Canterbury organic farmer, Neville has always held a passion for organics. This enthusiasm led him to make a lifelong commitment to help create a clean, green environment through waste minimisation and management. So, in March, Neville spoke to over 20 people about how we can live a more sustainable and clean lifestyle through gardening.

Expert Gardening Advice

The weather was stunning as Neville guided his audience through the composting process and showed them what they can grow in their own gardens. He made sure each person knew how they could get the best results for happy and healthy vegetables.

Neville’s demonstration on how to make best use of daily food waste scraps using the Bokashi CompostZing system included:

  • Guiding his audience through set up
  • Showing attendees how to use the system in their kitchen
  • A wide range of methods for the use of their Bokashi CompostZing in the garden

The Annual Riverton Heritage Festival

Over two days, the Riverton Heritage Festival attracts thousands of attendees, with a myriad of events. This year’s attractions included:

  • Guest speakers, Peter Langlands, Phil Rainford and our own Neville Burt.
  • An interactive display where attendees could press their own apples.
  • A variety of static displays:
    • A very special heritage harvest display with artworks and artefacts
    • Heritage varieties of fruit and vegetables
    • Forest gardening
    • A demonstrative beehive
    • Cheesemaking
    • Seed saving
  • Multiple competitions with some great prizes

Vegetable tables at Riverton Harvest

An enjoyable and inspiring weekend, the festival came to an end with a delicious pot luck harvest feast, where the prizes were drawn. For more information on this event and many more, visit their website. And remember, it’s an annual event, so if you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth a look.

Couldn’t make it to the 2017 festival? Have a read of this guide and see how to make the most of your CompostZing System