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When to plant vegetables

Here’s an outline of some planting dates for a New Zealand gardener (these are ideal for central/south Canterbury where frosts are prevalent in the spring).

I have used these dates for the past 20 years with success. I use a little variation to these is when the weather has meant I couldn’t follow this to a T. If there’s a storm a brewin’ stay indoors – you can always get in the garden tomorrow.


Early types: late August to early September.

Main types: mid October to early November.


The 22nd of September in your time to plant for Christmas. This allows for 100 days of growth.

Sweet Corn

The 1st week of November as the soil temperature is about right then.


Sow your seed into seed mix on the 4th of October. Then be ready to plant out on Labour weekend. If you follow these times, your plants should have runners by Christmas and be ready for harvest by early March. Yum! Allow 150 for your pumpkins to grow.


Sow into the seed tray mid June to July. Then transplant into your soil by August till Sept. you’ll then be ready to harvest in late January/February.

Direct sowing is generally the 1st of September.


Mid June is the best for these.


Plant late December to early January to minimise carrot fly attack! But if you do want to grow your crops earlier cover them with insect cloth.

Tomatoes and Peppers

To grow tomatoes early, I buy ready grown plants and put them in my greenhouse. By doing this in early August they are generally ready to eat before Christmas. Peppers have a long period to reach maturity and will be ready to harvest from March.


These can be planted anytime from August onwards though I like to follow a crop directly after harvesting early potatoes.

Happy gardening my ZingBokashi friends. And stay tuned for the next time! We’ll cover management and planting through to Harvest.

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