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Growing tomatoes

Tomatoes are a gardeners favourite. Who doesn’t like going into the garden or the greenhouse to pick a nice, healthy, tasty and fresh tomato?

There are of course a few things we need to grow the best tomatoes

Starting off with good, fertile soil is very helpful. You can achieve this quite easily by adding lots of quality compost into the growing area.

To begin, add a few bucket full’s of fermented food waste from your ZingBokashi bucket. As a guideline, use one bucketful, dug into the soil for every two tomato plants. 4-6 plants will yield you a good harvest.

I have prepared my area some time ago and the first plants are already planted. However, the start of Spring is a great time to get started, whether you are planting outside or in a greenhouse.

Taupo tomatoes

Let’s Get Growing

  1. Select the area you want to grow your tomatoes. Now trench in a bucket or two of fermented Bokashi composted food waste over the next few weeks. Add in a few handfuls of Earth Zing if you haven’t got sufficient fermented food waste.
  2. Allow at least three weeks before transplanting your seedlings. Or buy yourself a little time by purchasing grown plants from your local garden centre.  I recommend a variety called Taupo which is excellent both as a greenhouse or outdoor variety. There are lots to choose from! Look for some” earlies” and some “lates”. Personally, I have a small greenhouse and grow Taupo which I get from a nursery and Hamlet which I grow from seed.
  3. Add a little dolomite lime and seaweed meal into the soil as well. These help to supply lots of trace minerals – yummy and healthy food for plants.
  4. Once your plants are established, stake or string up your plants to help them maintain their shape. Tomatoes like to grow upwards towards the sun, but they do need a little guidance. Also when they are laden with beautiful fruit they will need support as well – nothing worse than the leader snapped just below full trusses!
  5. Pinch out any side laterals (branches sprouting on the side of the main stem) on a regular basis to help them grow straight.
  6. When flowering has occurred, add a little sulphate of potash fertiliser around the base of each plant and water them. Repeat this again when the tomatoes are starting to colour up.
  7. Tomatoes like water on a regular basis. Irregular watering can actually cause some plant disorders.

Checking In

Finally, to maintain healthy plants, spray your tomatoes regularly with liquid fish fertiliser. This is best done in the evenings.

Also, if you notice insects such as aphids or whitefly I suggest you add neem oil in with your fish spray. If you have any questions, we have a great community of garden enthusiasts on our Facebook page.

Neville Burt [Mr Bokashi]

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