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Bokashi NZ Ltd is pleased to welcome a new director Michelle Wilson to the company. Michelle joined the company as of 5th June 2018 and is working closely with incumbent Director Neville Burt, learning the business and how it operates.


Neville says, “I started the business back in 2002 and with the business well developed and supplying nationwide it is now time to start bringing in the next generation for the business. I was looking for someone who I could work with and who would carry on my own passion and commitment to the environment. Michelle is exactly that person.”


For Michelle, she was looking for a local business investment and was drawn towards ZingBokashi by the brand’s philosophy. She says “I love the look of Bokashi NZ, I love the feel of ZingBokashi and I love that we have nothing toxic in our products. I love that we are not only reducing our landfill, but we are educating people and adding goodness to our soil. New Zealand made is also a huge draw card for me.”


An extended transition programme is already underway and will result in Michelle running the business and Neville operating in a consultancy role as required.


Although Neville will no longer be a Director of Bokashi NZ Neville, or Mr Bokashi as he is fondly known by his customers, he will remain connected with the business and devoting more time to research and development.


Bokashi NZ will be moving its operation to Tai Tapu on the outskirts of Christchurch. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.