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Many home gardeners continue to apply chemical fertilisers and pesticides to their home garden soils without regard for their soil’s health and inadvertently have joined the global practice of helping to deplete soil organic matter and the life beneath the ground.

Change can made quite quickly by managing the soil in a more sustainable way simply by adding regular applications of compost and inoculating the soil with a bacterial inoculant such as Earth Zing.

Earth Zing is a quality high carbon based substrate which has been fermented with a mixture of beneficial organisms. Added to this substrate also are valuable soil micro nutrients or trace elements sourced from the sea [fishmeal and seaweed].

The principal activity of the beneficial micro-organisms is to increase the biodiversity of the soil thereby increasing crop yield by working with other soil organisms to support the nutritional requirements of plants and reduce disease causing micro-organisms.

The benefit of applying Earth Zing to the soil lies in the ability of the beneficial micro-organisms to ferment organic matter, thereby releasing nutrients and nutrient rich organic acids which can be used by plants.

One of the more important micro-organisms in Earth Zing are photosynthetic bacteria which can influence the levels of a soil fungi called vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza [VAM].

These fungi can colonise plant roots which in turn send lots of plant sugars to roots to fuel the soil engine.

Green vibrancy seen in plants goes hand in hand with mycorrhizal fungi.

As you improve levels of soil organic matter your soils will improve and this is characterized by better soil structure and water holding capacity.

Regular applications of Earth Zing can result in a reduction of fertiliser use up to 50%.

Apply as follows:

Garden use:

  • Apply 1-2 handfuls to each m2 of soil in the spring and again in the autumn. Lightly hoe into the soil soon after application.
  • Spread 1-2 handfuls per m2 over a cut green manure crop or crop residues, or pulled or hoed weeds .
  • Apply 1 handful per m2 around actively growing plants or down crop rows and then gently incorporating into the soil. Avoid contact with plant foliage.

Compost Bins/ Heaps

  • Sprinkle I handful over each m2 layer added

Note:  Do not apply Earth Zing 2 weeks before or after sowing seeds or transplanting seedlings.