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Photo: Soil inside greenhouse already prepared ready for an early spring planting of tomatoes.

Winter is truly upon us and this season presents all gardeners as an ideal time to prepare those areas of your garden which are likely to be first planted out in the coming spring. This includes areas inside a greenhouse.

Personally, I have a small greenhouse and this time each year I revitalize the soil inside simply by trenching in between 8 and 10 buckets full of ZingBokashi fermented food waste. This takes a period of 8-10 weeks, with one bucketful being added each week until the desired area is completed. Then the same soil is topped off with sheep manure to further add and build up the organic matter.
If you don’t have access to sheep manure you can use a good quality compost mix.

If you do not have a green house, you are likely to have a particular warm sunny sheltered spot in your garden which can be treated in the same manner.

Why do this each year?

When we grow a crop in the soil, the growth of the plants takes up nutrients from the soil, which need to be replenished each year. Using organic supplements instead of chemically based ones, you continually build up soil nutrient and humus levels which enhance soil quality over time.

Give it a go and you might just be surprised by the results you obtain.

If you find you are running short of time you can also use ZingBokashi’s Soil Enhancer product – Earth Zing.