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ZingBokashi NZ – leading the way in organic recycling

ZingBokashi Buckets - Buy NZ Made

ZingBokashi Buckets – Buy NZ Made

Bokashi NZ Ltd was established in Christchurch in 2002 by Neville Burt, an organic farmer from New Zealand’s South Island, with a passion for a clean, green environment. Read more about Neville ….

Neville was already using Bokashi products on his own organic farm, when, in 2000, he met with Dr Higa (the Japanese inventor of EM, Effective Microorganisms, the catalyst for the Bokashi process), and world renowned expert in crop ecology, Professor Ravi Sangakkara. This was to prove a life-changing meeting as Neville realised the Bokashi products he had developed for his farming operation could have a significant impact on the long-term future of New Zealand’s environment if they were made available commercially, nationwide.

Neville went on to produce ZingBokashi for the Christchurch City Council, to test the value of the product as a means of reducing the amount of food waste going to landfill. The trial was a resounding success and Christchurch City Council now actively promotes the use of ZingBokashi for food waste recycling as part of its waste strategy. Other councils have followed suit and in some cases, actually subsidise the cost of ZingBokashi as part of their recycling strategy. Ask your local council for details.

ZingBokashi can now be found in households, businesses, schools and government departments throughout New Zealand, as more and more people realise they can make a difference to the environmental future, easily and cost-effectively. In fact ZingBokashi products can even be found high on Mt Cook, and in the toilet systems of the Abel Tasman National Park! It’s also a global phenomenon, with Bokashi products sold in hundreds of countries around the world.

From being a one-man business with a passion for the outdoors, Bokashi NZ Ltd now has an established network of over 140 distributors and suppliers throughout New Zealand including local councils, speciality organic retailers and garden centres. Contact your local distributor and you’ll speak to someone who is passionate about ZingBokashi and who can offer you knowledgeable, expert advice on how to get the best results. No distributor near you? You can order here and we’ll deliver straight to your door.

The Future…

Bokashi NZ is committed to a sustainable future and is an active member of the Sustainable Business Network. The company is a passionate advocate for environmental management, particularly those projects involving organic waste and water remediation.

Education of young children in environmental issues is fundamentally important to the future health of New Zealand and Bokashi NZ is involved in helping a growing number of schools and Environmental Educators about the role and use of ZingBokashi products in waste recycling and organic gardening.

The company, working with a team of leading scientists, is committed to ongoing research and development and looks forward to the introduction of more environmentally friendly products soon …

Exciting times ahead!