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Our People

Neville Burt
Director, Bokashi NZ Ltd

Neville Burt - NZ's Mr Bokashi

Neville with his ZingBokashi Compost Zing Products.

Neville is the driving force behind the growth and popularity of ZingBokashi products in New Zealand. Born and raised on the South Island’s West Coast, he developed a passion for a clean, green environment at an early age and went on to study Earth Sciences at University.

He has managed Bokashi NZ since 2002 and has used his 21 years experience in the horticultural industry to develop products and systems for ZingBokashi products.

Neville first became interested in the use of EM Technology in organic farming when he met, from the New Zealand Nature Farming Society. They now work closely together to develop added value products for environmental and horticultural use.

When not talking to householders, businesses, schools and councils about the benefits of Bokashi, Neville spends much of his spare time in the garden or playing golf. He also enjoys mountain biking and uses his expertise to help community groups; he is on the board of the local Lions Club and a committee member of the Timaru Horticultural Society.

Talk to the expert in recycling organic waste. If you have any questions for Neville, either about his passion for the environment in general or his drive to improve New Zealand’s through organic recycling with ZingBokashi products, then please email him.

Neville is also available to talk to your community group or business organisation about environmental issues.