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Welcome to ZingBokashi

Recycling kitchen and garden waste has never been easier and with the help of ZingBokashi® NZ Ltd and its range of environmentally friendly products, it’s easy to make a sustainable difference to your local environment – at home, at work and at play.

CompostZing Starter Packs

Widely used throughout New Zealand ZingBokashi Compost Zing processes household organic matter into highly productive garden compost in just 4 weeks! Not only is it easy to use, readily available, and environmentally friendly, it also gives you many advantages over...

Feed the Soil

EarthZing is all natural and contains beneficial microorganisms, fishmeal, seaweed meal humates and basalt rock flour incorporated into plant based by-products. 

Online Shop

If you can’t find a ZingBokashi distributor near you, then order online and have it delivered to your door.