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How to get the Best Results from your Compost Zing System?

Got a question about ZingBokashi products?

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below which may provide the answer or visit the FAQ section in our blog

Otherwise, please call us on 03 614 8150 or email for more information.

Q1. I am having difficulty getting the lid off the bucket, how can I easily get it off?

Press down on the ring in the centre of the lid, at the same time gently lifting the mid-point on the lid edge, one edge at a time, until you can lift the lid. The lid will become easier to get off with regular use, but it will still remain airtight.

Q2. How do I know how much food waste I should use with the Compost- Zing?

An easy method is to use a 2 litre plastic ice-cream container to place your food waste in. Use 1-2 tablespoons of Compost-Zing per container.

Q3. Where is the best place to store my bucket?

Out of direct sunlight but in a warm place, eg kitchen cupboard, hot water cylinder cupboard or laundry are ideal. Because there are no nasty smells with the ZingBokashi Compost-Zing system, you can easily store it indoors.

Q4. Why I am not getting any juice?

‘Juice’ production is regulated by the fermentation process and the types of food used. Check the types of foods you are using, for example, dry foods such as bread won’t produce much moisture, whereas juicy fruits such as oranges will.

Good fermentation is enhanced by temperature. It may be that your ZingBokashi buckets aren’t in a warm enough spot (between 16-25oC for optimum results).

Q5. What are the signs of good fermentation?

There are several good indicators such as juice production, a sweet vinegar like smell, the presence of white fungal threads on the food waste and/or on the ‘juice’ in the bottom bucket.

If you don’t see any of these signs, check that your set-up is in a warm spot, you’re using the recommended foods and that the food is being added to the bucket daily.

If food is left on a bench for too long before being placed in the bucket, it actually starts to attract bad bacteria which can disrupt the fermentation process. And of course make sure the lid is kept air tight.

Q6. How long will it take to fill the bucket?

As long as the lid is kept airtight between uses, you can take as long as you wish. So now worries about going away on holiday, so long as you clear the juice before you go.

Q7. How long will a bag of Compost-Zing last?

The average NZ family uses a bag about every 8-10 weeks.

Q8. Can I collect the bucket juice and save it?

Absolutely! The juice is a valuable resource and should be drained off the bucket every 2-3 days and is best used immediately.

Q9. What’s the difference between the ZingBokashi Compost-Zing system and traditional composting?

Basically, the ZingBokashi system “pickles” your organic waste rather than the decaying process that occurs with traditional composting. You’ll be able to produce nutrient rich compost in less than half the time without the unpleasant smells normally associated with composting. You can read more about Bokashi Compost-Zing compared to Traditional Composting here.

Q10. What about worm farms?

The biggest drawback to worm farms is that if you don’t look after them, the worms will die, so if you’re going away on holiday, someone needs to keep them fed with food scraps. It can be expensive to set them up initially and the worms will breed and eventually outgrow your worm farm, so you can either increase the size of your farm or give the worms away.

Q11. What can I do if the amount of food waste I have is more than 15 litres?

A larger system using 140 litre modified wheelie bins is now available for situations where larger amounts of waste are produced. If you have more than 20 litres of waste per day then this system maybe better suited to meet your needs. See Commercial examples where these are currently being used in schools, holiday parks, cafes and hotels.

Q12. Why do you now have black 15l buckets?

Bokashi NZ is constantly looking to improve its products and sustainability. The colour black will help provide a warmer environment inside the bucket as well as improved heat retention. They look smart and will fit into most kitchen and office decors.

These will now be manufactured from NZ recycled plastic, making them more environmentally friendly . Having a recycled product also adds to our listing on Greenlist.

Q13. Having a black bucket will mean I cannot see if there is any juice collecting in the bucket bottom?

Correct, however it is good practice to remove any residual juice from your bucket every 2-3 days. Experience has shown that left too long , the juice quality will deteriorate and may cause malodours.

Q14. How long can a full bucket of fermented food waste sit before being buried in the ground? My bin is full and has sat longer than the recommended 14 days. I have been a bit busy and havn’t dug it in, time has marched on and I am not sure what to do?

The 14 day period is a minimum recommended time only and as long as you continue to drain off the juice, the time taken until disposal can be extended as long as the bucket remains airtight.

It is not unusual for users to go on holiday for long periods and report back that their ZingBokashi Bucket was just as they left it weeks before.

The recommended minimum fermentation time is 7-10 days in the summer and 10-14 days in the winter

Q. Just put in a pet waste unit and are wondering what sort of distance I need to keep fruit tree's such as an avocado away from unit when planting? Or is there no risk of contamination which a tree such as this?

A. No min distance required, though good to keep just outside the fall zone of fruit if you collect any of these. Washing fruit also good practice.

Q. I am going to be going way for couple of weeks over Xmas / New year and wondered what I should do in regards to the juice from my ZingBokashi bucket?

A. You can leave your bucket to continue to ferment while you are away. I recommend that you remove any juice just prior to leaving and then on returning empty any that has accumulated since.

Q. How often can I use my juice extract to spray onto my plants?

A. Weekly is sufficient  and try to apply either early morning or in the evening

Q. Can you suggest containers to compost outside waste (such as garden waste) as I would like to use an integrated system for both my inside and outside waste?

A. My recommendation is the usage of an enclosed type of compost heap. This can be either a plastic enclosed type as with the Composta pictured or a wooden 4 sided enclosure – the latter should have a cover over it to maintain moisture levels same as for the lid on the Composta.

The video clip here shows how Mr Bokashi uses this.