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How To Make ZingBokashi Compost

Break food into small pieces for EM to become active. Keep the food container away from the tap to keep it from becoming wet. Treat the food waste daily.

First spread Compost-Zing into the bottom of your bucket [1 tbspoon]. This promotes smooth fermentation.

Well drained food waste should be placed in the bucket. Tip directly into the bucket.

Each time food is added, add 1-2 tbspoon of Compost-Zing. User higher amount in summer.

Since Compost-Zing is anaerobically active, push the food down to release air. An old pot lid is ideal.

Close the bucket lid tightly. The lid can easily be opened by pressing down on the centre circle of the lid and lifting the centre points gently until the lid pops open.

Drain off any ‘juice’ accumulated in the bottom bucket during fermentation. Use this juice within a day of collection. Dilute as per instructions. – see separate sheet “Using your ZingBokashi juice”.

When your bucket is full , close the lid and keep in a warm place out of direct sunlight for about 10-14 days.

When the food waste smells like pickles, it can be used in the garden. See separate sheet “Using your fermented food waste”.

Your fermented food waste looks like this when placed into a trench in the garden.

Mix some soil through the food waste, then cover over with 50 – 75mm of topsoil.

After 4 weeks your food waste now looks like this.

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