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How To Use Your 'ZingBokashi Juice'

Fruit and vegetables tend to release more liquid than other foods. Do not be concerned if little or no liquid is produced.

The bucket juice should be used within a day or two after draining from the bucket.

The fermentation process often will extract liquid from the food waste. The amount and colour of the liquid will depend on the type of food you have put in the bucket.

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Sample of collected juice.A sample of juice collected in the bucket bottom. Note the white fungal mass growing on the liquid. This is a good sign all is well.

Check regularly for liquid in the bottom of your bucket and this should be drained off every 2-3 days.

Drain off regularly.

‘What can I do with this liquid?’

The “Bokashi Juice” is a valuable resource and can be used either around the house or in the garden.

Around the House: Pour the concentrated liquid directly into your kitchen sink and bathroom drains, toilets or septic system. The EM will help prevent algae build up and control odours.

Use juice in drains.Around the House Tip undiluted into drains, directly into your toilet or down your shower drain hole. If you have a septic tank, flush into the tank via the toilet. This is best done at a time when the septic system will not be used for at least 6-8 hrs after the juice has been added .eglast job at night.Control odours.“Regular use in these areas will help prevent build up of algae and help control odours.”

In the Garden

Decomposing food waste.
Sprinkle soil over waste.
Decomposed waste unnoticeable.
The liquid contains nutrients from the food waste and is alive with beneficial microbes. To fertilise an existing garden or plants dilute to 1:100 i.e. 2 tablespoons to five litres of water and apply to the bare soil. For foliage dilute to between 1 : 500 – 1 : 1000 i.e. 1 – 2 teaspoons to five litres of water and spray over foliage to form a film over the leaves.