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How To Tell If Your Fermentation Has Worked

Once your chosen fermentation period is over open the container and you will see that the food has been preserved like pickles. The following indicates the bucket has been a success:

Smell: Well fermented food organics should have a smell similar to cider vinegar or that of pickles.

Visual: Occasionally, particularly for longer periods of fermentation a white cotton-like fungi growth may appear on the surface. This shows that a good fermentation process has occurred. Remember to drain the bucket juice regularly during the fermentation period.

The Signs That All is Not Well

Smell: A strong rancid or rotten smell indicates the process has failed.

Visual: The presence of maggots or black or blue-green fungi indicates that contamination has occurred and the process has not fermented but putrified.

Why The Fermentation Process Wrong

Not adding enough ZingBokashi

Not replacing the container lid tightly after each use

Not draining the EM juice frequently from the bucket

Prolonged and direct exposure to sunlight and extreme temperatures – too hot or too cold