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Toilet Systems

Domestic Toilet Systems

ZingBokashi Compost-Zing can successfully be used in a number of different domestic type toilet systems.

The active ingredient in Compost-Zing is a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria types and these act in a way that their main by-products are carbon dioxide and water and to lesser extent some solids.

The main benefits of this are;

  • A significant reduction in unpleasant smells from both open and closed systems.
  • Improved operating efficiency.
  • Reduced surface crusting.
  • Reduced suspended matter.
  • Reduced sludge accumulation.
  • All natural and environmentally friendly.

The combination of these factors will assist or help in improving the overall operating efficiency of your system. Plus you have the added bonus of potentially extending the operating or cleaning period.

Note: Regular or extended use of some domestic chemicals, anti- bacterial cleaning agents and laundry products may reduce the effect or efficiency of Compost-Zing.


Composting Type Toilets

Use 250 gms of Compost-Zing as an initial dosage and then use approx 25gms[1 tablespoon] per usage – best sprinkled over the surface area requiring treatment.
Repeat the process after each cleaning.

Long –Drops

As for Composting Type toilets

Septic Tank Systems – [single chamber types] – found mainly in older dwellings.

Use 1 kg of Compost-Zing, each 6 monthly period. [this can be introduced directly via the breather pipe or can be flushed via the toilet]


You can use the juice extract from your ZingBokashi-Compost-Zing System- tip directly into your toilet and flush into the tank. Do this at least once a month.