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eZing Newsletters

Below you can read through our archive of eZing News Newsletters perhaps catching up on some great tips you may have missed, or just to follow our progress through the years. Note these are only the online newsletters, while older Bokashi NZ Ltd newsletter subscribers will remember the emails received previously.

There is a brief summary about some of the contents in each newsletter, but this is only an overview.


Issue #23 April
Earth Day, Soil Preparation, Garden Planning Tips, Waste Free Parenting Week and the answer to a frequently asked question from Mr Bokashi.



Issue #22 September
(ZingBokashi finalist in Sustainable Business Awards, GoGreen Expo, Cultivate Urban Farm, FAQs and Spring Gardening Tip.)

Issue #21 June
(Adding Carbon to the Soil (Part 2), Special Deals at Palmers & Customer Feedback with Zing Bokashi.)

Issue #20 Queens BirthdayJune
(Palmers Garden now stocks ZingBokashi, the Green Living Show, “Building Carbon in the Soil” and shopping with Zing Bokashi)

Issue #19 March
(Lets Give Back To Earth, Autumn Special & Go Green Expo in Auckland with Zing Bokashi.)


Issue #18 December
(EarthZing, Ensopet, Overseas Exports and tips on improving compacted clay type soils)

Issue #17 July
(GoGreen Chch Expo, New Garden Season Specials & Pet Composting with EnsoPet)

Issue #16 April
(Mr Bokashi on Facebook, upcoming Expos, Composting tips and Customer FAQS.)


Issue #15 December
(Mr Bokashi at Edible Expo, Go Green Expo, Humates & Agropolis.)

Issue #14 October
(New Website, New Products (composting toilets) & Bokashi in the Community.)

Issue #13 July
(The importance of Lime and Get ready for Spring)

Issue #12 May
(Soil Microbial Population & Mr Bokashi at Agropolis.)

Issue #11 February
(Envirospec Verified, FAQs and in the Garden with ‘Mr Bokashi’.)


Issue #10 November
(GoGreen in Wellington, Environmental Court and more with ‘Mr Bokashi’.)

Issue #9 September
(Shows, Expos, Soil too wet, FAQs)

Issue #8 July
(Getting ready for Spring, Milford School Project, FAQS)

Issue #7 March
(Bokashi on Quarantine Island, Giving power to your soil, Tips & FAQS)


Issue #6 December
(Septic tanks (continued), maintaining Bokashi systems in summer, and in the garden)

Issue #5 October
(More productive hens, research updates and ZingBokashi in septic tanks)

Issue #4 August
(Greenest Street Winners, Sow & Grow with SBS Competition & getting ready for Spring)

Issue #3 May
(Green Living Expos & “Mother’s Day” gift ideas with Mr Bokashi & a thankyou letter from Canada)

Issue #2 February
(Post harvest preparation, mould growing in your bucket tips, and shows)


Online Issue #1 November
(An intro to “Mr Bokashi”, ‘Green Christmas’, Gardens and more)