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Clivus Multrum CM2 with Chamber Screen Complete System


Capacity: 2 people full time 4 people part time. ZingBokashi supplies 3 compost chambers to increase capacity usage.
Brand: Clivus Multrum
Electrical rating: 2 Watts
Dimensions: Height = 50cm Width = 39.5cm Depth = 62cm
Floorspace required: 65cm x 74cm
Materials: Pedestal and compost chambers are polyethylene rotor-moulded. All metal components are stainless steel.
Colour: White
Setup Guides: Includes installation video


The CM2 CS is a great 2 person full time composting toilet that is easy to install yourself and just as easy to use. It comes with chamber screen. This model proves popular as a temporary toilet solution whilst building a house, for weekenders and as an economical and pleasant alternative to a drop toilet.

With a simple design, this waterless toilet system is great for the environment and has been installed in a variety of homes and settings from forest homes, suburban homes, properties (cattle, sheep, etc) and everything else in between. This system is also a great lesson for children about the impact of humans on the environment (girls and boys and young children quickly get over their ‘Poophobia’ to learn about the benefits) and will teach them to care for their surroundings for years to come. (That’s a world we certainly want to live in!)

How does this 2 person waterless toilet system work?
Using the process of simple organic decomposition to break down waste into safe compost, the CM2 produces odourless compost (it will smell like rich, dark, moist and healthy garden soil).

How long does it take to fill up a container?
The CM2 CS comes with 2 x 32 litre containers (with a 25 litre capacity) that on average will collect about 2-4 weeks worth of material (depending on use). If you have more than 2 people using the system full time, these times may vary. After a few weeks of using the CM2 CS system you will have a good idea of how often the container needs to be emptied.

Where can I empty the waste?
This is a personal choice but ultimately all waste from the CM2 CS waterless composting toilet systems should be added to some form of composting bin, heap or container. This will eventually turn into usable compost that is great for your garden. Another option many customers take is to put the lid on the container and let the waste compost within the container itself. This usually takes around 60 days and then you are able to reuse the container.

Installation information
Once installed there is no need to disconnect anything because, unlike other low-cost waterless composting toilets, the CM2 CS pedestal remains in place with only the internal compost chamber changing. The CM2 CS’s capacity can be increased by introducing additional composting chambers.


Download Product Brochure

Installation Video

# Compost chambers: 3

# People (with full-time use): 2

# People (with part-time use): 4

Height below bathroom floor: Sits directly on the bathroom floor

Electrical requirement: 12v 2w fan