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ZingBokashi is a proactive sponsor of teams and events throughout New Zealand. Details about our various sponsorships can be found here as well as links to photo galleries of our successful recipients.

Oxfam New Zealand

Oxfam Trailwalker.

Oxfam Trailwalker ( ) was recently awarded Best Environmentally Sustainable Event 2008.

his year Oxfam Trailwalker had a volunteer team solely responsible for ensuring Oxfam New Zealand’s environmental objectives were met. This ‘Green Team’ was proudly wearing the Bokashi logo as they monitored the use of the ZingBokashi Recycling Stations and encouraged both supporters and participants to be clean and green. With the help from Bokashi New Zealand, Oxfam Trailwalker 2009 became the most environmentally friendly Trailwalker yet!

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Thank you for sponsoring Oxfam Trailwalker 2009. This year’s event was a fantastic success and we couldn’t have done it without your support and generosity!

This year 269 teams completed the 100km challenge, which is a record. The fundraising commitment is currently $1.3 million, which is also a record!

We’ve had absolutely wonderful feedback from participants, support crew and volunteers following this year’s event. In particular, many people were impressed with the steps that we have taken to create a more environmentally sustainable event. It was great to be able to provide each checkpoint with a ZingBokashi bin and to reduce our waste. The recycling stations with the ZingBokashi branded signage looked fantastic. The Green Team initiative was a real winner and the ZingBokashi branded T-shirts looked really good. Thank you for helping us to create an environmentally sustainable event.

On behalf of the team at Oxfam New Zealand and the communities we help in South East Asia and the Pacific… thank you!
Kind Regards
Oxfam New Zealand


Eco My Flat Annual Competition.
Eco my flat turns five and opens its doors to the public
Eco‐my‐flat the competition where students eco their lives is packing its (organic, home‐grown) lunch in its (second‐hand) back pack, pulling up its socks and getting ready for the next big adventure – a new era of the competition.

Eco My Flat Press Release 2012

Thank You

                                                              for your sponsorship
Bokashi NZ

The second eco-my-flat 2009 competition at the University of Canterbury was a great success and we would like to thank you for your part in helping students become more environmentally sustainable.

Over thirty flats signed up for the competition and attended workshops on food and gardening, shopping and waste, and energy and transport, and it was exciting to follow their progress. Through media and the student blogs, eco-my-flat has had a positive influence on the wider community and continues to attract attention. The competition website, including blogs and sponsor lists, will remain available throughout the year at

You can read the full Press Release about previous years winners here » Eco-My-Flat Winners