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Waterless toilets require periodic attention when the compost chamber reaches capacity. You will need a to have some space in the dispose of the compost safely. On a more regular basis users will need to add a bulking agent such as dry leaves or untreated wood shavings to the container. This helps to add extra carbon to balance the key carbon to nitrogen ratio as well as promoting air passage through the compost. The toilet pedestals are designed to be mess free but if there is an accident they can be cleaned using any naturally derived detergent. It is important not to use anything with alcohol, chlorine, bleach or other strong chemicals for cleaning.

Removing the compost

The compost has to be disposed of according to local council requirements – check with your council. It shouldn’t be buried in areas of the garden that are in general use or where food plants are grown, and it shouldn’t be put near streams or other bodies of water. How often you have to remove it depends on the size of container, how often the system is used, and local climatic conditions. Depending on the model of composting toilet you choose it could take between 3 weeks or 6months before the chamber needs any attention.

The compost process may require up to a year. Heat can be applied to speed up the process. Mixing also aids composting. It’s important to check the quality of the compost: it must be dry and crumbly, with no offensive odour. Helpful tips are provided in the installation and maintenance manual but verbal support is also available from ZingBokashi if required.

You are legally responsible for the safe disposal of effluent on your property.


We guarantee that a Nature Loo composting toilet won’t smell. In fact, if a Nature Loo is installed and maintained according to the instructions it will smell better than a flushing toilet due to the constant ventilation. An odour would indicate that something is wrong and you should follow the trouble-shooting directions supplied by your composting toilet installer or supplier.