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ZingBokashi Compost-Zing® – the easiest way to recycle your organic waste

‘Bokashi’ is actually a generic Japanese term , meaning ‘fermented organic matter’ and is the basis of Bokashi NZ’s flagship product, the ZingBokashi Compost Zing System®

Widely used throughout New Zealand ZingBokashi Compost Zing processes household organic matter into highly productive garden compost in just 4 weeks!

Not only is it easy to use, readily available, and environmentally friendly, it also gives you many advantages over alternative methods of organic recycling, worm farms and even an inferior Bokashi type product.

Advantages include:
Bokashi Compost Zing Buckets - Click to see them in action.

  • Decreased composting time – up to 50% quicker than traditional composting
  • Less odour as the food decays, due to the Bokashi fermenting, rather than decomposing, process
  • Increased growing power resulting in healthier and more productive plants
  • Easy to use, requiring no mixing and produces a very natural pour-on liquid fertiliser as well as physical compost
  • No sad faces (which can be a problem when the worms die!)
  • No unsightly, messy compost heap or worm farm boxes. Bokashi buckets are so compact (and because they don’t smell) you can easily keep them inside.

Economical compared to sometimes pricey worm farms and because it is subsidised by some local councils you save even more! Contact your local council for more details.

As well as city councils, our nationwide network of distributors includes organic product retailers and various garden outlets, so not only is it easy to get started with your own ZingBokashi Compost-Zing System, there’s a network of experts available to help you with any questions or queries.

Want to know about ZingBokashi Compost-Zing?

Read about the different uses of Compost-Zing in ZingBokashi Uses or find out more in the FAQsResearch and Case Studies pages. You can also learn some handy hints to get the best from your Compost-Zing in these “How To” guides.

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Ready to start recycling your own organic waste? Simply contact your nearest distributor.

And don’t worry if you think ZingBokashi is only for small scale applications, we can also help you manage your commercial organic waste.

Contact Bokashi NZ Ltd for an environmentally friendly solution.