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Business & Govt

Organisations throughout New Zealand from small owner-managed businesses to major corporates, from local councils to central Government departments are adopting recycling programmes that include ZingBokashi – and so can yours. As well as the obvious benefits to the environment, you could reduce costs and improve your bottom line. Why not order a ZingBokashi bucket for your office or your workplace cafeteria as part of your recycling efforts?

If you are a commercial or large scale operation and generate more than 20 litres of food waste per day you can reduce and recycle your kitchen waste with specially developed 140l bins … read more

Remember, there’s absolutely no smell from a ZingBokashibin, so you can easily compost your food scraps indoors. Local Councils have Sustainable Business Consultants on hand who can also give you advice on how to make your business more eco-friendly. Check out our links page to find what your Council is up to and get your business recycling the ZingBokashi way.

Click on the following link for a short film clip on ZingBokashi in Business.