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Community Programmes

Smaller towns and communities in New Zealand don’t always have local landfills, so waste is taken to a transfer station then taken to a landfill some distance away.

Local Councils and community groups are working together in towns throughout New Zealand to improve their community’s environment, including programmes for waste minimization with Bokashi Compost-Zing. By reducing the amount of organic waste these communities generate, Bokashi Compost-Zing is helping to reduce the tonnage and therefore the energy and transportation cost of moving the waste. And because the residents in these communities are working together, they are developing an enviable community spirit and taking an increased interest in the environment and their surroundings.

Such initiatives are also underway on Waiheke Island and Great Barrier Island.

Click on the following link for a short film clip on Bokashi in Communities.

These island communities are isolated from the mainland so require an entire waste removal system. Waiheke is fast becoming a tourist hot spot, with up to 25,000 visitors during the tourist season, overloading the waste removal system.

Cafes and other eateries are now working with Auckland City Council to minimize their organic waste using Bokashi Compost-Zing.

ZingBokashi – a perfect fit for local Asian community

Using Bokashi.Local councils have lots of ideas and resources for community groups wanting to do something to help their local environment. The art of food preparation has long been an important part of Chinese culture. Along with this there is always the issue of handling food waste.

Being brought up in the city I had not had much experience with recycling food waste as part of protecting the environment.

Upon moving to NZ I became more aware of the harm that food waste could do to our environment. I also saw a need to share my new found environmental knowledge with my fellow Asian migrants. Many of us were unfamiliar with composting and worm farms. The heavy labour associated with turning compost, the unpleasant odour and the attraction of flies, cockroaches and mice during the composting process, plus the handling of worms were all things I considered would be unattractive for the local Chinese I knew. ……………read the full article