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Eco Tourism

The global demand for socially and environmentally responsible tourism (otherwise known as eco-tourism) is growing rapidly – up to three times faster than the tourism industry as a whole. Here in ‘clean, green’ New Zealand, there are a growing number of businesses catering to the eco-aware traveller, offering eco-friendly accommodation from small B&Bs to luxurious eco-lodges, set in remote, yet beautiful locations that make the most of the stunning natural setting. One such business is Awaroa Lodge in the Abel Tasman National Park.

Awaroa Lodge

Read all about Awaroa Lodge and how they used Bokashi.Awaroa Lodge is an award-winning eco-lodge in the Abel Tasman National Park. It has an environmental strategy that “has been formed with the location around us in mind, the environment in which we are situated commands respect and requires us to be mindful of it in everything we do. It has shaped the way that we do business, we believe that we are creating an innovative business practice that is a clear example of how profitability and sustainable practice can work together hand in hand.”

Due to the remote location of the lodge, there is no ready infrastructure available to clear waste, so included in Awaroa Lodge’s environmental practices are bins for their kitchen and other organic waste. The resulting juice is then used in the onsite garden.

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