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The use of ZingBokashi in schools is a phenomenon that’s small but quietly growing. It has great potential for our green future – ZingBokashi not only deals effectively with organic waste but it fuels interest in the bigger picture of recycling, re-use and waste minimisation. It also encourages our younger generation to help others, teaches them where food comes from and the life-long skills of gardening and composting.

Many pre-schools, primary schools, high schools and tertiary education providers now incorporate ZingBokashi into their daily routine – in the Kids Edible Garden programme, Enviro Schools programme, in science classes, in staff rooms or in compost making because it’s a great way to deal with food scraps and to minimise the amount of rubbish thrown out each week. It also teaches kids to be responsible for the waste they produce.

And the enthusiasm shown by the up and coming generation hopefully means that being green at school will carry over to the rest of their lives.

If you think ZingBokashi might have a place in your school see ‘ZingBokashi Composting in Schools – an Introductory Guide for Teachers’ and ‘Waste Audit form’

  • Click on the following link for a short film clip on ZingBokashi in Education
  • Read these case studies (Kaiapoi North School, Napier Girls High School)
  • Why not try ZingBokashi at your school? Email Neville now for more details.