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Household Recycling

The easiest place to start recycling your food waste is at home, with a simple process called anaerobic fermentation.

This process is done in an airtight environment using ZingBokashi Compost-Zing as a compost starter (or innoculant). Bokashi is a Japanese term, which means ‘fermented organic matter’. This method results in the fermentation or ‘pickling’ of your food waste materials, as opposed to the decaying process that occurs in traditional composting. Compost-Zing is a mixture of plant-based by-products, which have been fermented with a beneficial microbial culture, called EM, and then dried for storage. The material acts as a housing or medium for these micro-organisms to live. When added to your food waste using the ZingBokashi Compost-Zing System, the Compost-Zing guides the decomposition of organic matter into a fermenting rather than simply decaying.

This unique method can produce nutrient rich compost in less half the time of conventional methods, without the unpleasantness associated with composting. When compared to traditional composting systems, you produce an incredibly healthy soil in just 4-6 weeks compared to the 6-8 months that it can take using traditional composting processes. It’s quick, it’s easy, it doesn’t smell, your plants will love you for it – and you’ll be improving the environment for future generations of New Zealanders.

Want to know more about just how easy it is to turn your everyday household food leftovers into nutrient rich compost? Read more here…

To order your very own ZingBokashi Compost-Zing System and make a start towards zero kitchen waste in your house click here to find your local distributor. If you can’t find a distributor in your area, you can order online instead. .

Because the system can be used indoors, even schools, restaurants and businesses can compost their kitchen waste.