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How to Grow Tasty Tomatoes with ZingBokashi

Tomatoes are a gardeners favourite. Who doesn’t like going into the garden or the greenhouse to pick a nice, healthy, tasty and fresh tomato? There are of course a few things we need to grow the best tomatoes Starting off with good, fertile soil is very helpful. You...

The Best Guide to Fertiliser Numbers and Types

All plants require nutrients in some form to grow well. For a healthy garden, you want to achieve plant growth and production which is free (or relatively free) of any pest or disease. In in nature, this is achieved with disease suppressant soil. By using the right...

The Best Dates to Plant Vegetables in Your Garden

Here’s an outline of some planting dates for a New Zealand gardener (these are ideal for central/south Canterbury where frosts are prevalent in the spring). I have used these dates for the past 20 years with success. I use a little variation to these is when the...

The Beginner’s Guide to Starting Your Own Vegetable Garden

Last month I was invited by the South Canterbury Horticultural Society to present a few ideas some beginner gardeners, plus a couple of others, who were looking to learn a few things from a master gardener. Further sessions are planned over the next couple of months...

Combining solar power & composting toilets is smart & logical

If you’re interested in leading a more off-grid lifestyle, then installing a waterless composting toilet is a great way to make a start. This will help reduce your burden on our environment and lessen your footprint on the planet. If you combine solar power to help...

Composting with Zing Bokashi

Composting with ZingBokashiRecycling kitchen and garden waste has never been easier and with the help of ZingBokashi® NZ Ltd and its range of environmentally friendly products, it’s easy to make a sustainable difference to your local environment – at home, at work and at play.

As the world gets increasingly aware of the need to protect the planet the demand for natural, easy to use ways to manage household, agricultural and commercial waste in NZ is growing at a phenomenal rate.

Check out all the products on our website that we produce or endorse to help you create and live a more environmentally friendly life.

Pet Waste Composting

Pet Waste Composting

Bokashi NZ Ltd are now official suppliers of EnsoPet – the composting solution for all your pet waste.

  • Scoop It
  • Drop it
  • Sprinkle it
  • Compost it
Composting toilets from ZingBokashi

Composting Toilets

ZingBokashi is in the toilet business too and proud to supply the Nature Loo brand of composting, waterless toilets throughout New Zealand.

Check out the videos!

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Bokashi Kits

Zing Bokashi compost buckets and Compost Zing bokashi mix.
Widely used throughout New Zealand Zing Bokashi Compost Zing processes household organic matter into highly productive garden compost in just 4 weeks! Not only is it easy to use, readily available, and environmentally friendly, it also gives you many advantages over alternative methods of organic recycling, worm farms and even an inferior Bokashi type product.

Pet Waste Composting

EnsoPet composts all pet waste such as Dog Poo, Cat Poo, Rabbit & Guinea Pig Poo!

Garden fertilizer?

We have Guano and Lime varieties.

Mainphos Guano

Use a septic tank?

Use our microbial products to reduce bad odours, blockages & maintenance costs.


Earth Zing - Bokashi power to the soil EarthZing is a “living” product and provides nutrients and stimulatory compounds to growing plants resulting in increased shelf life, intense colour, increased flowering and increased water holding capacity of soils.


Poultry-zing natural micro-organisms Probiotic Feed Supplement for Poultry. Added to the feed of chickens it can increase the microbiologicalactivity of the feed and its nutritional value and improve the quality of animal products. Available in 1.75kg bags starting from just $15.50

Why choose ZingBokashi?

Reasons to choose ZingBokashi prodicts

Not only has Bokashi NZ Ltd (owner of ZingBokashi  product range) been in business well over a decade, but we have done the research and have scientific proof to support our products. We are members of the Sustainable Business Network and regularly invited to speak on composting and sustainability throughout NZ.

Ecoflo Toilets

EcoFlo Composting Toilets

We have much pleasure in being chosen as the New Zealand supplier of Ecoflo and Nature Loo waterless composting toilets; acknowledged leaders in composting toilet technology.

Our business and reputation at Zing Bokashi is built on the supply of reliable well researched environmentally friendly products. Ecoflo waterless toilets are an extension of our environmental credentials.

Most of the Ecoflo composting toilets are designed and certified to New Zealand standards 1546.2. We are confident that people looking for an alternative to water wasting septic tanks or in need of an additional toilet will be impressed by the clean looks and odourless performance of Ecoflo’s Nature Loo and Sun-Mar composting toilets.

Some good reasons follow below as to why you might want to consider a composting toilet and why we invite you to choose an Ecoflo product.

Sustainable Business

Runners Up in the Restorative Impact Category for Zingbokashi at the NZ Sustainable Business Awards.

Restorative Impact Commendation for Zingbokashi at NZ Sustainable Business Awards

About 'Mr Bokashi'

Neville Burt‘Mr Bokashi’ (Neville Burt) is the driving force behind the growth and popularity of ZingBokashi products in New Zealand.

Neville is regarded in NZ and internationally as an expert in recycling organic waste and this passion for a clean, green environment which he developed at an early age and when studying Earth Sciences at University continues to drive him to improve NZ today through organic recycling with ZingBokashi products.

Give him a call on 03 614 8122 or email him here.


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