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Septic Waste

Other Uses For Compost Zing


Sprinkle a light layer [about one handful per sq. metre] of Compost-Zing over each layer as you build your compost heap. Not only does the Compost-Zing help build a population of beneficial micro-organisms but it also improves the quality of the compost.

Placing a thin layer of Compost-Zing over each added layer of garden waste will also speed up the breakdown of the compost and reduce the need to turn the heap.

To improve the decomposition of your compost heap it is recommended that a cover be placed over the heap to maintain temperature.

Septic Tanks:

Use 1kg of Compost-Zing per 1000 litres tank volume every 6 month period by either flushing or placing directly into the septic holding tank. Ideally done when tanks are cleaned.

DOC containment toilets using Bokashi for odour control. - click to enlarge
The Dept. of Conservation use ZingBokashi in their Norski Containment toilets to greatly improve odour control. This photo shows a toilet in use on the Nile River, Buller.

Compost and Long Drop Toilets:

Existing [in use] Facility:

Immediately use 250 gms of Compost-Zing and then continue use at 25gms per usage.

Repeat or increase the initial dosage if odour control is not immediate.

Spraying the toilet surrounds with a weekly mist of EM-1 concentrate will also assist reduce smell and help keep flies away.

If extended periods of time occur between usage then repeat as above.

New Facilities:

Place 250 gms of Compost-Zing into the bottom of the facility and continue to use at 25gms per usage.